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Ballet is considered to be the core foundation for dance training. It provides many 
physical and mental benefits such as increased flexibility and strength, 
sense of artistry and performance, development of self esteem and rhythm.

Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet was established in December 2016. The Artistic Director, Ms Neha Suhjani founded the Academy with only 10 students. By the end of the year the numbers increased to more than 100, and today Les Danseuses Academy is spreading the joy of ballet to over 250 students. The Academy is affiliated with two international dance boards – the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD, London) and the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD, Australia). The Academy is also registered with the International Dance Council, UNESCO. Les Danseuses Academy is the only dance academy in Pune to offer training in classical ballet and contemporary dance through international certification program providing the highest quality of excellence and a full spectrum of dance knowledge and technique necessary for professional dance education.


Our Vision & Mission


Our mission is to be recognized as a brand that is associated with high quality of technical training to all those who are passionate about ballet. It is our goal to instill in each student a love for the art of dance as well as an appreciation for all the performing arts.

Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet is internationally recognized as a pioneer in bringing international standards to Classical Ballet in Pune. The Academy holds its students, faculty and staff to the highest standards of performance – on stage, in the classroom and at every step in the creative journey. We aim to provide a quality dance experience filled with enjoyment, exploration and professionalism. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to learn dance in a nurturing environment without compromising the technical knowledge that is essential to the art of dance.