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Lockdown, pandemic or overseas trips – no reason is good enough to take a break from what you love. And this is what Sana Baig believes and lives. Please join us in congratulating our April Ballerina of the Month – Sana Baig.

Sana Baig – Ballerina of the Month April 2020

Sana, a 9 year old ballet student with LDAB is one of the 3 kids of Mr Cini Baig and Mrs Lisa Baig. Inspired by her older sister Sophia, Sana started training in Classical Ballet at the age of 5. Sophia and Sana have been dancing partners ever since. Working together for ballet examinations, choreographing dances for Christmas performances, school and Church events – ballet became one of the ways the sisters bond. When asked if their older brother Roshan has ever shown interest in ballet, Sana is prompt in replying. “Never. But he has always been a great support in all that I do.”

Sana and Sophia – Sisters and ballet buddies

Sana is a girl of few words. The youngest of the 3 siblings, Sana has grown up being the centre of everyone’s love. We asked her family to tell us a little about Sana’s personality. Her sister Sophia describes her as a caring and a sweet person, who cannot watch anyone being upset, and will do all that she can to cheer someone up. She is also the peacemaker in the family, and tries her best to resolve a conflict between her older siblings.

When asked who is she closest to in the family, Sana replied “Honey”

Sana is currently in Grade VI in school. In addition to ballet, she enjoys horse riding, crocheting and writing stories. She follows a very balanced routine, where she finishes her school work every day by noon, and spends her evenings doing the things she loves – like her ballet practice, or story writing. Although her horse riding lessons have been paused due to the lockdown, she loves this activity and has a beautiful bond with the horses. She recalls a funny instance, where she was in a competition called Jalebi. The competitors are required to ride the horse to a certain place, eat a jalebi and proceed towards the finish line. When Sana reached her Jalebi, her horse also started snacking on it, and it was then hard to pull him back into the race.

Mr and Mrs Baig believe in open and honest communication with their children. They try to understand each child’s passion and interests, and try to be as supportive and encouraging as they can. Mrs Baig has been a ballet mom ever since her older daughter Sophia started ballet, which was as young as 5. She is familiar with various brands of leotards, different types of ballet shoes, various ballet accessories etc. She always knows what ballet gifts to buy for her ballerina daughters. When asked how ballet has brought a change in Sana’s lifestyle, she mentions that it has certainly given Sana a boost in confidence. It brings more discipline and focus in her life. Sana also enjoys the social aspects of her ballet class. Although the students of LDAB have not been able to meet for the classes, they log in early for the online lessons so they can connect and socialize with each other. Sana relishes these interactions, and makes it a point to always log in on time every class.

The Baigs

Ms Neha speaks very highly of Sana. “This form of dance requires commitment and discipline. Sana has always been a model student, with almost 100% attendance and attentiveness in class.” She even recalls the time when the family was travelling to the USA last year. After almost 6 months of doing ballet at home through the online forum, Sana and Sophia were thrilled to do their jumps and leaps across the airport which provided ample space for their ballet practice.

The Model Student

Sana has really grown as a ballet dancer since she started lessons with LDAB. Sana really appreciates how Ms Neha is very detail-oriented and pushes them to execute the right technique. The LDAB Nutcracker Concert in 2019 made a big impact in Sana’s ballet life. She enjoyed all the preparation towards the big day, and was thrilled to see some of the other dance performances such as the Russian Dance. When asked what are her ballet goals, Sana is quick to reply in 3 words – “Going en pointe!” We wish Sana a beautiful journey towards achieving this goal and congratulate her for her achievement