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We come into this world not without a purpose. While some of us spend a lifetime understanding what our purpose is, a few of us know our calling very early in life. Our August Ballerina of the Month knew that she was a dancer before she even knew how to spell dance! Join us in congratulating Vrindha Ashok – our August Ballerina of the Month 2021.

Dancer, model and a movie-buff- these are only a few of the many aspects of Vrindha’s beautiful personality. But a few minutes of conversations with Vrindha and one understands that her love for dance far precedes any other interests that she may have. Vrindha started dancing at a tender age of 4. She has trained in Bollywood, hip hop, contemporary, Bharatnatyam and now Classical Ballet. Dance has been a major part of her upbringing – her mother and her grandmother both being trained professionally in the Indian Classical Dance forms. Vrindha however never really connected to Bharatnatyam and always found a desire to learn the beautiful classical ballet. It was only when she was 16 that her search ended, when one of her friends informed her about a ballet performance by LDAB at St Mira’s TedX performance. She couldn’t wait to start her training at LDAB after watching the LDAB students on stage. She could now see her dream of performing en pointe in front of 100s of people finally come to fruition.

Vrindha’s initial training at LDAB started with Ms Parand. After graduating from the foundation level of ballet training at LDAB, she was moved to Ms Neha’s batch and was being prepared to take her first ever ballet examination.

“I love both the teachers I have been with! They both have a special place in my heart. Ms Parand’s classes were great fun, and so have Ms Neha’s.” says Vrindha.

She fondly recalls the time when she sent a message to Ms Parand a day before her ballet examination, confessing that she was quite nervous. In response Ms Parand sent her a long voice note telling her how she has no reason to be nervous, and that she is a very graceful dancer, and that is precisely what the examiner will also feel about her. The day of her examination she remembers being nervous outside the exam studio, and Ms Neha saying calming and encouraging words to her, trying to keep her spirits up. “I guess that was really needed, and certainly helped me in my performance in the examination” says Vrindha.

Vrindha with her ballet buddies Ira and Urishita

Vrindha loves being part of LDAB and has some amazing friends in her ballet classes. She is especially close to a few like Tiara, Ira and Urishita. When Ira and Vrindha meet there is less words and more laughter. She really looks up to Ms Neha and has a beautiful connection with her.

“I love everything about Ms Neha! She is very supportive and kind. I have never hesitated in telling her where I want to be in my ballet journey, and she chalked out a beautiful plan for me.” says Vrindha.

She is training under Ms Neha’s Intensive Program which requires her to dance for almost 5 hours every week. Though strenuous, Vrindha is really enjoying her training and can’t wait to give her pre-pointe examination soon.

The lock-down brought an interesting opportunity in Vrindha’s life. While colleges and schools were still getting used to the new system of online education, Vrindha suddenly found a lot of time in her hands. She chanced upon a Virtual Modelling Pageant and decided to give it a try. She was quite surprised and elated to be crowned as the 1st Runner Up of the Virtual Elite. This just opened up an array of prospects.  Fashion week Delhi, photoshoots for some of the most elite designers of the country, music video shoots – these are only a few of the many feathers in the cap of this budding star.

Vrindha is a budding model and a star in the making

Vrindha however is not swayed by this fame and glamorous new life, and still has her eyes on her goal – performing en pointe. She invests hours into her in-studio and self practices. When not dancing, she watches videos of ballerinas executing some graceful variations. “Dance is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing one’s emotions. Anger, jealously, love, joy… everything that one feels can be portrayed beautifully through dance. I love that!” Vrindha eventually sees herself making a career in performing arts.

Vrindha derives her strength and motivation from two very strong women in her life – her mother and her grandmother. Having a professional dance training background themselves, they relate to Vrindha’s passion and dedication towards dance, and have never shied away from extending all the support and encouragement needed in her dance journey.
“ The only time they seem a little annoyed is when I am not available for coffee and conversations because I am in class or practising”

Ms Neha has amazing things to say about Vrindha.

“Vrindha is not only a very beautiful dancer, but is also a very beautiful person. She has never shied away from helping out in the Academy. I feel very blessed to be part of her amazing journey. Whenever I have needed any support or help in the Academy, Vrindha has never hesitated in dropping things, cancelling plans and being there! I know she is made for big things, and what we are currently witnessing in her life is only a preview of the bigger things that is in store for her.”

We are eagerly waiting for Ms Neha’s words to come true, and wish Vrindha great success in all her endeavours!