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A ballerina is a title given to a female ballet dancer. After years of practising the positions, body postures and movements, a ballerina gets ready for her first ever stage performance. The nervousness and excitement which one feels before getting on stage is equivalent to that of jumping off a cliff and the Ballerina of the Month of February has done both these things, stage performance as well as jumping off a cliff.

Lavanya Verma – Ballerina of the Month February 2020

When we think about adventure sports, the first thing that comes to our mind is bungee jumping, para sailing or motor boating. Lavanya Verma, has already checked off all these, and more, from her bucket list even before entering her teens.

Lavanya has learnt Kathak and Bharatnatyam for a few years before finding her true interest in ballet. She was highly inspired by her friends and was attracted to the elegance of this dance form along with the get up. After her very first class, she knew that ballet was her calling. This 12 year old ballerina has been learning under the tutelage of Miss Neha since the past 2 years and has recently appeared for the ISTD examination of Grade 1.

Lavanya loves coming to her ballet lessons and wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world

Not only does Lavanya enjoy dancing, she also loves painting and doodling and utilizes her free time to doodle away to her own little artistic world. Lavanya is studying in Delhi Public School and is in 7th standard. What she likes the most about her school is the numerous sports and cultural clubs that she can choose from which give her a chance to try something new every academic year.

Lavanya loves painting, and has gifted many paintings to the LDAB Studio

Lavanya takes inspiration from the ballet videos available online and makes use of her free time by practising ballet. She looks forward to learning something new every class and is very fond of Miss Neha’s teaching. Lavanya enjoys the music and the movements of ballet and mentioned how her parents have always been her biggest support system. Lavanya was a part of The Nutcracker Ballet and really stood out with her performance in a dance called Le Marche.

Lavanya has recently given her ISTD Grade 1 examination and is currently pursuing her Grade 2 training

This otherwise shy and introverted girl can be spotted doing back flips in her society garden and is intrigued by stunts while not being afraid of taking risks. Sports are an integral part of Lavanya’s life and she plays basketball and volleyball in her school. Lavanya has a younger brother who is quite different in nature from her. She is an extremely protective elder sister in spite of all their banters and will not think twice before jumping into an argument for her brother.

Lavanya shares a beautiful bond with her brother

When asked about Lavanya’s most appreciable quality, her mother said that Lavanya is extremely sincere and will put her heart and soul into everything that she does. Lavanya is very passionate about ballet and wants to pursue it in the future.

Lavanya and her group of friends who love coming to the Ballet classes. They are a strong team who motivate each other and monitor each other’s performances

As someone who is driven by art and adventure, Lavanya believes in talking less and expressing herself through her dance and doodles. We hope to see her succeed in whichever path she chooses for herself and would like to wish her the best of luck!