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A sparrow once was really angry on the Sun because he shined too brightly, and hence, she could not take her young ones out. The Sun was annoyed and did not shine the next day. There was darkness all around and nobody could get out of their houses at all. The sparrow realized her mistake said sorry to the sun and all was well once he came back

Moral: Be polite and don’t get angry on people for doing their jobs!

You must be wondering, why are we narrating this Panchatantra styled fable today? This is a short story written by NyassaSanghvi, a talented 9-year- old and already from the likes of this story, we infer, is really insightful for her age.

We’re excited to announce that Nyassa has been crowned as the Ballerina of the Month for February 2019.

Nyassa is the younger daughter of Samta, an accessories designer, and Rajeev, a property developer. She has an elder sister, Jiyana, a young ballerina at LDAB, who is a former Ballerina of the month. Clearly, talent runs deep in the family.

Nyassa is a 4th Grader at St. Mary’s in Pune. Her mother Samta describes her as a free spirited, mischievous brat who doesn’t really care about the rules and has a very moody personality. I wonder how this volatile demeanor can be ideally suitable for a dance form such as ballet which demands discipline and dedication of the highest standards from its students. On quizzing further about these aspects, Samta confesses,

“The reason I encouraged Nyassa to take up ballet was because Jiyana loved it at LDAB. That’s how she got started with it. Initially Nyassa really had very little inclination towards it and she was almost at the verge of giving it up. But I remember, Neha had a one-on-one pep talk with her that had a lasting impact on her and after that day, things turned around and how!”

Our Creative Director Neha Suhjani concurs,

“After our talk, there was a marked difference in Nyassa’s performance in class. Here was this girl who would jump around with abandon and pay very little attention. And then overnight, she transformed into someone who always has her head held high with her body in the perfect posture when we’re practicing. Now, she will religiously move around in class only on her tippy toes just like an ideal student of ballet.”

Nyassa transformation has borne her rich dividends. She passed her first CTSD examination in November last year with flying colours.

Jiyana and Nyassa share a special sisterly bond. Jiyana has a motherly attitude towards her. Nyassa, on the other hand, will surely end up on Santa’s naughty list as she tries to irritate Jiyana in creative ways. However, deep down they both love each other immensely. They performed together at LDAB’s Once upon a time concert in December 2017. 

Nyassa also happens to share a beautiful relationship with animals. She emits an aura that makes her particularly affable towards animals. This was an observation made by a monk in Thailand, when the Sanghvis were all on vacation there. Nyassa petted a wild deer, which wagged her tail in glee and licked her cheek affectionately.

No wonder, Nyassa owns a pet too. She can spend hours at a stretch talking and playing with “Waffle”, a very creatively named guinea pig whom she adores.

I conclude by talking to Samta about her parenting philosophies, who has some solid advice,

“Let the child just be. Every star shines. They will excel at their own time, provided we as parents let them. I am very proud of the fact that that my daughters are comfortable about sharing everything with me without any filters. I’ll be content if both my daughters turn out to be good human beings.”