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There is always something positive that emerges out of a negative situation. In 2020 when the world went into an unknown territory called “Lockdown”, and when LDAB started online ballet classes for its students, this seemed as a wonderful opportunity for those who had relocated and consequentially had to unwittingly halt their ballet journey. One such student was Tehya Anand who had no choice but to pause her ballet education when her father was posted toMumbai in 2020. But when the online ballet classes were launched by LDAB, Tehya was one of the first ones to enrol. A year later, here we are congratulating this young and dedicated ballet student for having won the title of Ballerina of the Month for July 2021.

Tehya Anand, the eldest of the two daughters of RubalaRajam and Lt. Cdr. R. Anand was 2 when she first watched a YouTube video of a ballerina that caught her attention. Five years later at age 7 she still found herself attracted to this beautiful dance form and formed a mental image of herself on stage dancing gracefully en pointe. That is when her family found LDAB. In her first few ballet classes with Ms Neha she showed tremendous potential and caught Ms Neha’s attention. “She has always been a fast learner. Its very rare when I enter students for examinations in the first year of their ballet training, but Tehya was a natural!” says Ms Neha

Tehya has been learning ballet at LDAB for the last 3 years now. Although there was a brief period when she was not able to pursue ballet because of her dad being posted out of Pune, Tehya has been very consistent and diligent in her classes. The family has shifted twice since, and Tehya has managed to attend her online ballet classes even though they were still shifting luggage in their house! Her dedication has been a great motivation to everyone in her batch. Her mother Mrs Rubala tells us that they have never had to push Tehya to attend her classes. She remembers her dance schedule very well, and looks forward to every class as if its her first class. “Sometimes we catch her pointing her toes and doing her ballet leg lifts while watching TV!” says Mrs Rubala.

Tehya has a younger sister Ophya who is 5 now and is ready to follow her sister’s footsteps. While Tehya is a quiet and reserved girl, Ophya is the more chirpy one. Tehya and Ophya share a beautiful relationship, and Tehya says she is very close to her young sibling.She makes a guest appearance at times in the online classes and has become a favourite of everyone.

Mr Anand and Mrs Rubala are very supportive of all that Tehya and Ophya wish to pursue. When Tehya showed her inclination towards ballet, her parents were quick to research ballet schools in Pune and enrol her. On being asked about her thoughts on Tehya’s dedication towards ballet, Mrs Anand mentions that she and her husband will do absolutely anything to ensure that Tehya gets all the opportunities to pursue all that she loves. “We have tried to be supportive in all her endeavours and we will do our best to ensure she goes a long way. Rest of course is between her and her ballet teacher.” Says Mrs Rubala.

Tehya is also learning Contemporary Dance at LDAB and absolutely enjoys this new form of dance. While ballet requires the dancer to engage every muscle of their bodies, contemporary is more freeing, and Tehya enjoys this contrast. In addition to dancing, she is also pursuing gymnastics. She is an avid reader, and some of her favourite books include the Harry Potter series and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

We asked Tehya about some ballerinas that inspire Tehya and she was quick to say – Ms Neha. “I can very confidently say Ms Neha is the best ballet teacher in the world. When she gives me corrections in my technique, she is not critical. She always tells me that I am doing good, but if I do something in a certain other way I will get better. I want to someday be as graceful as her.” In addition to Ms Neha, Tehya is also awed by Misty Copeland – Principal Dancer with ABT.

Ms Neha has much to say about this young and talented ballerina-to-be. “Tehya is one of my most dedicated and hard-working students. She is a quick learner, and has very intelligent questions for me whenever I teach something new in class. What really stands out about her is her graceful demeanour. I can see her growing up to be a beautiful dancer who will inspire young girls to dance.” We can’t wait for Ms Neha’s words to come true and wish Tehya a beautiful journey and wonderful experiences ahead.