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Music is soothing, like the waves crashing on a beach. It’s like the warm sunlight after a cold dark night, like the friend who holds your hand when you need it and hugs you tight if ever you don’t ask for it. Music makes you happy and it gets you emotional. Music talks volumes without having any lyrics. Music makes you want to get up and sway and music is what attracted 9 year old Ria Dhumal to the alluring world of ballet.

Ria Dhumal – Ballerina of the Month July 2020

At the age of 5, Ria started her ballet training under Miss Neha’s tutelage. She is very dedicated and enjoys performing ballet just as much as she finds pleasure in watching it. Ira Pawar, who is also a part of the LDAB family, is a ballerina who’s work Ria has been following. But the ballerina that inspires Ria the most is her idol, Neha ma’am. Ballet is about how effortlessly a ballerina can blend grace with the correct technique to create something as beautiful as the blossoming of a flower and this is what Ria loves.

The happy Ria after her first ballet performance with her mentor Ms Neha and her best friend Myra

Ria is a student of Sanskriti school and is studying in 4th grade. The quarantine has been stressful for her because of the hectic online lectures. Ria is quite occupied with her classes and homeworkyet, she tries to make the most of her free time by singing and dancing to her heart’s content. Ria prefers instrumental music overother genres. When asked about her interest in sports, Ria spoke about her participation in swimming as well as badminton.

Ria is not only an excellent dancer, she is also a swimmer and a singer!

Since the last 3 and a half years, Ria has been training with LDAB. She’s due to give her ISTD and CSTD exams this year. Ria has been a part of numerous stage performances including ‘BibbidiBobbidi Boo’. “Ria is a very giftedperformer. In spite of being in grade 1, I’ve decided to start Ria’s grade 2 training simultaneously. She is shining in grade 2 as well” Said Miss Neha when asked about Ria’s progress. Ria has been awarded 2 trophies in ballet till date and is extremely determined to bag more in the coming years.

Ria collecting her award after scoring Honours Plus in her CSTD Primary examination

Ria is a very outgoing person and is fond of meeting new people. When asked about Ria, her mother, Mrs. Dhumal, said “Ria is like any other 9 year old and yet so different. She is fun and naughty with a touch of melodrama but at heart,  she is an old soul. Sometimes Ria casually mentions something out of the blue which come as a surprise because of how mature she sounds.” Exclaimed Mrs. Dhumal. “Miss Neha is the best teacher Ria could get. She is a pleasure to watch while performing and gives each and every student equal time and space.” Added Mrs. Dhumal.

Ria and her beautiful family

At such a young age, Ria has already made up her mind about becoming a ballerina who sings. She is hardworking and is sure to achieve any goal she sets for herself. We wish Ria all the success for her future endeavours!