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The last few months have been a series of unfortunate events. We were all confined to our houses, trying to keep up with the ongoing pandemic. While most of us struggled with keeping ourselves occupied, Tisha Rathi utilized this time in perfecting the art of dancing, making her the ballerina of the month.

Tisha has been learning ballet under Miss Neha’s tutelage for almost 5 years. Due to the lockdown, Tisha has been living her life through the screen, from attending online school to her ballet training through video calls.

In spite of missing out on sharing a tiffin with her school mates or a chat with her ballet friends, Tisha has been spending more time with her beloved novels.

Currently, Tisha is in grade 1 and is preparing for ISTD and CSTD exams which are to be held in the coming November and February respectively. Tisha has been a part of numerous recitals but the one in which she stood out the most was ‘Frozen’. “The most memorable performance by Tisha was in our ballet concert Once Upon a Time. She did a duet with Ritika on the Frozen theme where she played the character of little Elsa. Her acting and dancing moved the audience to tears.” Quoted Miss Neha. “Tisha is very dedicated, hard working, and passionate about ballet. She has grown into a beautiful dancer in all her years at LDAB.” Miss Neha added.

A fun fact about Tisha is that she makes her mother plan all their vacations as well as other activities keeping her ballet lessons at the epicentre. When asked about what keeps her so driven, her mother, Poonam Rathi, said “Tisha looks forward to each session and thoroughly enjoys performing ballet. What really drives her is to achieve perfection and she constantly tries to polish herself by rehearsing until she is satisfied with the outcome.”

This otherwise talkative and bubbly 8 year old also has a very caring and understanding side to her.Tisha is very adaptive to her surroundings and is compassionate towards everyone.When asked about her future in ballet, Tisha exclaimed that she would love to become a ballerina though a professional swimmer and teacher are close 2nd and 3rdoptions.

As hardworking and dedicated as Tisha is, it is sure that she is destined to achieve great things in whichever path she chooses. We wish her the best of luck!