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Music and dance, together they are like lovers who understand each other, like playful siblings who build beautiful things together and like best friends who have their own personality yet create magic when they come together. Music and dance are like hot chocolate and marshmallows, a beautiful combination, a little incomplete without one another while being the perfect recipe for comfort. Ballet and violin are the hot chocolate and marshmallow in our 8 year old ballerina of the month, Ritika’s life.

At a young age of 3, Ritika started her ballet training under the tutelage of Miss Neha. Ms Neha recalls how the wide-eyed Ritika entered the ballet class for the first time in her pretty pink tutu dress, and immediately won her heart with her curiosity and sharp mind.

Ritika’s journey with LDAB has since been full of new adventures. She has been a part of two LDAB stage shows, ‘Once upon a time’ , where she performed a duet with Tisha Rathi, and ‘The Nutcracker’ where she was one of the Spanish Dancers. She has also been a part of the CSTD International Competition 2019, Singapore. It was an amazing experience for Ritika, and her display of confidence and grace on stage was inspiring. When asked about her favourite part about LDAB, Ritika was quick to mention Miss Neha while the ballet exercises conducted by Miss Neha were a close second. Ritika wrote an essay on miss Neha when she was asked to write about her favourite teacher.

Ritika is a 3rd grade student of Abhinav Vidyalay English Medium Primary School. Since the age of 2, Ritika has been learning Violin. Her best-loved piece is the Bourrée.She has just graduated her Book 3 in July 2020 and is one of the youngest violinist to pass this exam. Ritika also appeared for the Grade 3 exam of the Royal School of London last year and has passed with distinction. She got an opportunity to go to the NCPA Mumbai for the high scorers’ concert. In addition to this, Ritika has won numerous accolades. Ritika spends most of her time perfecting the violin and ballet combinations. In addition to this, Ritika is also an avid reader and loves reading the works of Sudha Murty among other authors. ‘Grandma’s Bag of Stories’ is one of her most favourite reads. Ritika likes playing badminton as well. Another feather in Ritika’s cap is the language Japanese which she has been learning since a few years now.

When asked about Ritika, Miss Neha said that Ritika is the brain of Grade 1. “When Ritika walked in the ballet class for the first time, she came in with her big, gleaming eyes and was extremely keen to learn from the very first day. Ritika initially walked in a class with older students, but was not intimidated even a bit. Since day one, she showed great potential and has always been very quick in picking up new and challenging exercises. I call her the brain of Grade 1 class as she remembers tough ballet combinations and executes them without getting confused.” exclaimed Miss Neha. “Her performance at the CSTD competition was fabulous. She was not at all nervous facing the audience and performed the whole piece with grace and a smile on her face. It is a delight watching Ritika perform.” added Miss Neha.

During the lockdown, Ritika has made sure to utilize her time by practicing ballet, violin, reading books as well as doodling. In addition to these, Ritika also took up some new activities. She learnt stitching from her grandmother and helped her mother, in the kitchen, in making chapatis. Ritika has an elder sister Gayatri and is fond of drawing and reading books with her.

Ritika is a very fun-loving, caring and compassionate person. She is highly organized and is very focus driven. Even in school, Ritika has bagged numerous awards such as the ‘General Proficiency’ award and the ‘Best Handwriting’ award. When asked about her ballet journey, Ritika’s mother, Ms. Mugdha said “It has been a delightful journey since the get go. The progress Ritika has made under Miss Neha’s guidance has truly been commendable. We can observe the change in her posture and the elegance that ballet has brought in Ritika.”

Ballet has been an important part of Ritika’s life and she wants to pursue it in the future as well. We would like to wish Ritika all the very best for her future!