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We all have a close friend who has been a part of our lives since the time we can’t even remember. A friend who has been with us through thick and thin. A friend who makes us smile when we are low and tells us stories to lift our mood. A friend who helps us grow and never leaves our side no matter what. The Ballerina of the Month Prisha Ambi’s best friends are her books.

Eight year old Prisha has been learning ballet under miss Neha’s tutelage from the past 3 years. Her fondness for ballet began after watching a movie, soon after which Prisha began her training and fell in love with it. Currently, Prisha is in grade 1 and will be appearing for her CSTD exam coming November. She dedicates time for her training everyday and enjoys practicing different combinations.

Prisha, who is a 3rd grade student at Euro School, has been quite busy during the quarantine. Not only has she been attending her school and ballet classes online, Prisha has also taken up a course in communication from Trinity College, London. When asked about what she likes doing in her free time other than her ballet practice, Prisha was quite quick to exclaim “I read books, books, and more books”. Her favourite novel is ‘Out of My Mind’ by Sharon M. Draper. In spite of not being able to go out, Prisha likes to do some skating once in a while, which is also one of her hobbies.

Till date, Prisha has been a part of two stage shows, ‘The Nutcracker’ and ‘Children’s Gallop’ and is excited to be a part of the upcoming ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ performance. When asked about Prisha, Miss Neha said “She is very passionate and hard working. Even during online classes, Prisha’s level of enthusiasm is with par with that in the studio. She is very dedicated, and a lot of credit goes to her mom. Her mom really motivates her and encourages her.”

Prisha, who loves her words just as much as ballet, doesn’t miss out on any opportunity in unifying the two. While speaking to Mrs. Ambi about Prisha’s ballet journey, she mentioned how Prisha started mirroring the moves which she saw in a movie and that’s when Mrs. Ambi decided to enrol Prisha for professional training. “Prisha is a very dedicated girl and gives her hundred percent in whatever she does. What I like about her the most is her fun and carefree nature.” Added Mrs. Ambi.

Prisha always dreamt of becoming a ballerina and being awarded the ‘Ballerina of the Month’s title, she feels one step closer to her goal. We wish her the best of luck for her future!