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Ballet is considered to be the core foundation for dance training. It provides many 
physical and mental benefits such as increased flexibility and strength, 
sense of artistry and performance, development of self esteem and rhythm.

Ballerina Of The Month – APRIL 2021

Lockdown, pandemic or overseas trips – no reason is good enough to take a break from what you love. And this is what Sana Baig believes and lives. Please join us in congratulating our April Ballerina of the Month – Sana Baig. Sana Baig - Ballerina of the Month April...

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Ballerina Of The Month – February 2021

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful and believe that everything is possible when you have the right people to support you.”- Famous words by the legendary ballet icon Misty Copeland who not so surprisingly, also happens to be our Ballerina of the Month Anushka’s...

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Ballerino Of The Month – January 2021

When we think of Ballet, we picture a beautiful and graceful girl in tutu dancing on the tip of her toes to a soothing piano music. However, ballet is not only for girls and this is exemplified by ShubhangSakpal of LDAB – The Ballerino of the Month. Shubhang has been...

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Ballerina of the Month – October 2020

Music and dance, together they are like lovers who understand each other, like playful siblings who build beautiful things together and like best friends who have their own personality yet create magic when they come together. Music and dance are like hot chocolate...

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Ballerina of the Month – September 2020

We all have a close friend who has been a part of our lives since the time we can’t even remember. A friend who has been with us through thick and thin. A friend who makes us smile when we are low and tells us stories to lift our mood. A friend who helps us grow and...

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Ballerina of the Month – July 2020

Music is soothing, like the waves crashing on a beach. It’s like the warm sunlight after a cold dark night, like the friend who holds your hand when you need it and hugs you tight if ever you don’t ask for it. Music makes you happy and it gets you emotional. Music...

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Ballerina of the Month – June 2020

The last few months have been a series of unfortunate events. We were all confined to our houses, trying to keep up with the ongoing pandemic. While most of us struggled with keeping ourselves occupied, Tisha Rathi utilized this time in perfecting the art of dancing,...

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Ballerina of the Month – Feb 20

A ballerina is a title given to a female ballet dancer. After years of practising the positions, body postures and movements, a ballerina gets ready for her first ever stage performance. The nervousness and excitement which one feels before getting on stage is...

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Ballerina of the Month – October 2019

The heavy rains don’t seem to stop anytime soon in the month of October, but so do the young ballerinas! In spite of the weather being difficult, it cannot dwindle a ballerina’s passion and dedication. So with this urge and perseverance (which is seen in the young...

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