Delferuz Irani


Assistant Teacher

Delferuz Irani, a 20-year-old Arts student at Pune University, has always been an eager student of dance, having dabbled in freestyle, belly dancing and contemporary over the years.

Her industrious nature and sheer grit coupled with our Creative Director Neha’s guidance have helped Delferuz progress at a remarkable pace in ballet. She is now in Grade 2 of the Ballet Curriculum.

Delferuz’s ambitions include the best of both worlds: pursuing a career in law and mastering Ballet.

Taking note of Delferuz’s fervour for ballet, Neha offered her an opportunity to mentor young ballerinas at LDAB. She already has the requisite work experience which comes in particularly handy when dealing with young budding ballerinas, Delferuz was a preschool music and dance teacher for a year. The most important take away from this job for her was “Patience”, and this translates seamlessly when it comes to helping her students at the Primary Grade in Ballet master the nuances of the art.

In Delferuz’s opinion, the grace that ballet exudes permeates through all aspects of her life, making it even more beautiful.