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At LDAB we offer International Examinations in affiliation with two International Boards – CSTD and ISTD. We offer an internationally recognized portfolio of exams designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and abilities. Exams are aimed at all levels, from beginners to those on the threshold of a career in dance, and from ages 3.5 to adult.

Our exams provide:

Achievable Goals

Recognition From The World’s Largest Ballet/Contemporary Examination Board

Qualifications Accredited By Australia/UK/USA Regulatory Authorities

CSTD and ISTD examinations are held every year in the month of November. An external examiner from the Examination boards of CSTD and ISTD are present on the day of examinations at LDAB Headquarters. Upon completion of the examination, students are certified with grades and presented examination awards.


CSTD examination will be held every year in the last week of November or in the first week of December. An external examiner from the Examination Board of CSTD will be present on the day of examination at LDAB studio. Upon completion of the examination, students will be certified with grades and presented examination awards.


  • Single Dance
  • Bronze
  • Bronze Bar
  • Silver
  • Silver Bar
  • Gold
  • Gold Bar
  • Supreme Award


  •  As a member of CSTD and ISTD, LDAB management will accept examination fee for students willing to appear for the exam.
  •  Notification for examination registration form and current fee structure (available on CSTD website) will be put up in the studio and on LDAB website 3 months prior to the examination date.
  •  All examination fees are non-refundable. Students who fail to attend the examination at the appointed time will also forfeit their examination fee.
  •  All students need to register for these examinations at their own risk. A candidate with an injury must produce a medical certificate stating that he/she is capable of demonstrating all of the required syllabus steps and movements.
  •  No correspondence or verbal discussion will be entered into regarding the Examiner’s report.
  •  Examination reports for all students appearing for the exam will be issued to LDAB faculty entering students for examinations. These reports will be passed on to the students by LDAB faculty entering the students and under no circumstances will be withheld by the faculty. Reports issued by the Examiner are the property of the student examined.
  •  If a student clears/passes an examination he/she may not enter the same examination again.
  •  The applicable age is the age of the candidate as at the 1st of January of the year of entry for the examination.
  •  If the student becomes the age for another level between the 1st of January and the 31st of December of the examination year, he/she has the option to sit for that higher level (subject to any other pre-requisites for that examination).