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The LDAB Internship Program is designed to provide a clear pathway for your career as a Dance Teacher. The aim is to provide a holistic knowledge in teaching classical ballet under the ISTD and CSTD systems along with training in body anatomy, dance therapy, creative and production training for ballet concerts.

The LDAB Internship Program is certified by UNESCO and is a yearly program designed to provide the students an in-depth knowledge in every level of ISTD and CSTD syllabus for classical ballet. First year interns are given an opportunity to learn the training methods for Pre-primary, Primary and Grade 1 ballet along with hands-on teaching experience. After their first internship examination, the students are eligible to apply for a teacher’s post at LDAB or any other ballet school teaching ISTD and CSTD methodologies. The certification provides a basis for the DDE Courses which can be taken post the Intermediate levels in ISTD and CSTD.

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