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“You said you were flattered But my heart’s really shattered

And I’m lucky, I didn’t fly away.

My life’s sometimes great but at times it stinks like bait.

Okay okay…Just kidding!

My life’s like a swing. Not much of the bling.

It goes high and low. Fast, but really slow. .

It’s time to overcome your fear.

And all those around, let them hear.

That we are swinging higher, our inner spark turning into a fire.

This isn’t simply another song lyric, it’s a song called ‘Swing’ written by our future singer- songwriter Mihira Javdekar who is the ‘Ballerina of the Month’ of January. The ballet journey of this multifaceted 10-year-old is indeed peculiar.

Mihira Javdekar – Ballerina of the month Jan 2020

Friendship is not just another relationship, it’s an exceptional bond you share with that special someone who you meet by chance. That’s how Mihira met Kyra who was also interested in learning ballet and together they partook this art of graceful expressionism. Since the very first class, Mihira fell in love with ballet and enjoyed doing the various poses. She looks forward to learning something new each session.

Mihira and Kyra – Inspiring each other in many ways

When asked about Mihira’s journey as a ballerina, her mom Asmita Javdekar said “Her journey is quite interesting. Mihira joined LDAB with her friend Kyra and as a matter of fact, we stay in Kothrud, which is quite far from the academy. But, the dedication with which she attends each and every class in spite of the distance and traffic is really amazing.” Mrs. Javdekar also added “The credit majorly goes to the teacher, Miss Neha, who has played the most crucial role in keeping Mihira interested and guided her throughout.”

The dedicated ballerina during her sessions at LDAB

Mihira is Currently in Grade 2 (CSTD) and is going to give her Grade 1 (ISTD) examination this February. Not only is she highly dedicated but is also remarkably passionate and enthusiastic. Mihira loves being a part of the studio work and thoroughly wallows in training younger kids. Her lively and humorous attitude makes her a favourite in class.

Mihira was in LDAB’s Nutcracker 2019 in the Russian Dance Trepak

Mihira, who is in 5th grade at St. Mary’s, follows numerous ballet performers and is fond of watching recital videos on YouTube. She was also a part of the LDAB concerts – Once Upon a Time (2017) and The Nutcracker (2019). Other than ballet, Mihira takes great interest in sports and plays hockey as well as likes basketball and football.

Mihira loves being in the Studio, helping with younger students and assisting Ms Neha duirng International Examinations

As she mentions in her song, Mihira is determined to overcome the downs and swing higher towards fulfilling her dreams. When asked about her ballet goals, Mihira mentioned that she would love to pursue ballet as a career and sees herself as a stage artist, performing on tours. We wish Mihira great success in her future endeavours.