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Anamika Sarnopant, a  senior teacher at LDAB has been expressing herself through dance since an early age of four. She was introduced to the Indian Classical Dance, Kathak, by her mother. Anamika continued to learn ‘tithai’ and ‘tukra’ under the guidance of her Guru for the next two years. 

As a child Anamika was extremely confident and would never shy away from performing in front of a crowd. Whether family get togethers or school gatherings, she was very comfortable showing off her readiness. Her mother says she was a born dancer and would always be ready to dance whenever given a platform. Anamika was in love with dance ever since she can remember and this love only grew stronger over the years. 

In 2010 Anamika took up Bharatnatyam with Charmaine Ann Lazarus and got an opportunity to perform at numerous prestigious competitions and shows. At one such International Dance event she won  the Runner’s Up Position. Today Anamika is a UNESCO certified Bharatnatyam artist and also Youth Member of the International Dance Council.

After embracing Indian dance forms, Anamika wanted to explore a western classical dance. She joined LDAB three years ago and started learning Classical Ballet under the tutelage of Ms Neha. Due to her long relationship with dance in general, Anamika took to the graceful art form very naturally, and her trainings with Ms Neha intensified. She is a Level 2 Dance Teacher certified in CSTD and ISTD, and continues to grow as a dancer. She has been imparting her knowledge of the Classical Ballet Technique to budding ballerinas in Pune for the last 1 year under the guidance of Ms Neha.