Parand Akbari



Parand’s first brush with ballet was at the tender age of 11 and she took to it, just like a fish to water. After having trained as a young ballerina till 14 in Tehran, she explored diverse dance forms from something as modern as hip-hop to the Persian folk dance, which has been the cultural heritage of her country for centuries. Furthering her creative growth, she pursued her Bachelors in Theatre at the University of Iran. Since 2016, Parand has been studying Hotel Management at the Bharati University, Pune.

She rediscovered her love for ballet when she joined LDAB. Under the mentorship of Neha Sujhani, Parand trained meticulously and her technique and form showed tremendous growth. The crowning glory of her journey as a ballerina so far has been her performance with LDAB on the world stage at Kuala Lumpur in May 2018.

Noting Parand’s zeal for ballet, Neha offered her a teaching position at LDAB.

For Parand, ballet is pure magic in motion, and it has healed her soul during a testing phase in her life. The joy she feels when she helps her students take small steps in the enchanting world of ballet is an unparalleled experience.