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Becoming a part of Lesdanseuses Academy and learning Ballet and Contemporary style of dancing means
enjoying the essence of dance as a kind of art.

Keerat Kaur

Neha is an excellent teacher and mentor. She does a wonderful job of making each student discover their own capabilities!

Ajay Dhaygave

Neha carries, every step and turn of the performance, elegance, passion, and delicacy through, when presenting the venerable and established art of ballet.

Rupal Solanki

Neha is an awesome teacher. She is a best yoga and Pilates teacher. In love with her classes

Richa Satpute

Neha has been teaching ballet to my daughter for close to a year now. In this one year I saw my daughter learn a lot of good things. She has learnt co-ordination, balance and how to control her movements in motion. She has also learnt to follow instructions and is more comfortable performing in groups now. I love the fact that she is so active and flexible. All the credit goes to Neha. She is patient, very loving towards the kids and a great ballet teacher.

Shruti Nair

From just a thought, a dream, to an amazing reality. Her drive, her purpose, her art – Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet. You’re truly inspiring Neha Suhjani and it feels just wonderful to see you and your family of baby Ballerinas grow. Sprinkling more of inspiration, drive and ambition to take ballet to a global level.


A very dedicated and passionate individual who is following her dreams and am glad she is!

Bhavna Saxena Mittal

An excellent dancer and a fabulous teacher to r kids!

Sonia Nihalani

Ballet is something that I always thought I’d encourage my daughter to take up and when she turned 4, I started looking out for ballet teachers for her. We were incredibly lucky to have found Neha and it’s been a year now that she has been training under her. I can guarantee that there is no better place than LDAB in Pune to learn ballet and Neha is absolutely fabulous with the kids. My daughter loves her and there’s been a tremendous growth not just in her fitness and flexibility but also her personality for the grace, sophistication and persistence that ballet teaches. Congratulations to Neha and LDAB for doing what you do! May you grow from strength to strength and share this beautiful dance form with the world in all its grace and authenticity. Lots of love and best wishes.

Lara Sangtani

Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet is an amazing ballet school and it has given me many amazing opportunities. My teacher Neha ma’am is very sweet and kind and she makes me look forward to going to class. I have done 4 amazing showcases and 1 of them was abroad. I enjoy class so much and I have progressed a lot since I joined 3 years ago.


This is a lovely ballet school and it has given me me several different opportunities. Neha Ma’am is very kind and teaches us with love and passion. The studio is very well equipped and gives us good vibes.

Parand Pardad

This academy is the best ballet academy in pune… such a beautiful studio and the artistic director and teache miss neha suhjani is very professional and talented… suggested for all ballet lovers.

Ruchu Panjwani

LDAB is a wonderful ballet school . With an amazing ballet teacher .That teaches ballet in a fun yet diciplined way.

Mehak Kukreja

As soon as you enter the headquarters of LDAB, you get a warm feeling. Miss Neha is a wonderful instructor and so loving and patient with children. My daughter showed interest in learning Ballet and my search ended at LDAB. From the infrastructure to the staff everything is very pleasant. My daughter looks forward to ballet class and loves her teacher Miss Neha. After attending the first open house and watching the beautiful ballerinas perform I’m sure my daughter is in the best hands. Neha not only instills technique in them but also a great amount of grace and poise. I would recommend Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet to all the girls who want to pursue ballet.

Tarmit Maini

Very nice, professional and loving way of teaching. Its the best class in pune to learn Ballet. If you are interested in dance forms this one is a must join.