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Rules and Regulations

1. The tuition fee paid is non-refundable regardless of any circumstances.
2. The tuition fees does not include the cost of the uniform or the examination fees.
3. The student is allowed a one month period to purchase the Academy uniform after enrollment. Post completion of one month, Academy uniform is mandatory for the classes.
4. The Academy will not carry forward more than one class that the student may have missed. Please note that no classes shall be carried forward in case of Quarterly Discount/ Sibling Discount.
5. The Academy allows cover up classes for missed sessions on days that are not regularly attended by the student. Please note that classes must be covered up during the same month as the missed session.
6. The fees must be paid in advance latest by the second class of the term
7. Parents and friends are not permitted to sit during the classes.
8. Kindly note that we offer a sibling discount of Rs 500 on monthly fees
9. Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet has the unrestricted right and permission to copyright and use, re-use, publish and re-publish photographic portraits, videos or pictures of the Academy’s students.